Creating Receipts for Donations [Video]

Below is a quick tutorial on creating receipts for donations given to your ministry. The video used year end receipts as an example, but the same process applies for generating itemized receipts as well.


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Check out our newest updates to MaxPro …

MaxPro has several new enhancements that have been introduced in the past couple of weeks. This week we’ll take a look at the new website launch page and the updated information side bar for MaxPro user accounts.

1) New Website: We’ve updated the look of our website.  Take some time to check it out and let everyone know about it. Go to to see what I’m talking about!

2) Updated information side bar: You will notice when you log in that the information bar to the right now displays upcoming birthdays for kids and adults in your ministry. You can select on the names and you will be taken to their personal information where you can send them an email or text message from MaxPro or have their contact information so you can personally connect with them. Now you never have to let important days slip through the cracks!

These are just a few upgrades to MaxPro.  Let us know what you think!

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Stay in touch with MaxPro’s email options

Email is a primary mode of communication these days, so the easier it is to communicate via email to your database, the better. That’s why MaxPro made it very simple to send emails in a variety of ways in order to maximize your ability to communicate to your people.

Let’s explore the email options available …

As you can see below there are three different ways to email with MaxPro

1) Send an email with your computer

2) Send an email with a template

3) Send a quick email

1) Sending Emails with Your Computer

An email sent from your computer is one in which you send an email from your email client (Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, MacMail, etc.) to email addresses you’ve pulled from MaxPro.

To do this you will select the names of the recipients you wish to send an email to and then select “Send E-Mail with Your Computer” from the actions pull down menu.  The addresses will appear in a green box above the roster list and you can either click on the link to send an email from Outlook or you can simply highlight all the names that appear in the box and copy/paste them into the To: box of your email client.

This is a great option to use if you need to send a personal email to many recipients from your contact roster.

2) Sending Emails with a Template

MaxPro can create some great looking email newsletters for your organization.  These can be achieved by building template emails that can be used to send to anyone in your database.

Select the contacts you wish to send the email to and choose “Send E-Mail with Template” from the actions pull down menu.  You will then be asked to fill out the information below.  MaxPro has a variety of pre-built templates that make sending these emails very easy, or if you’d like to build your own and save it for recurring use, you can do so. (There will be more on how to build a custom template email in next blog post).

Template emails are a great way to send professional looking email communication on behalf of your organization.

3) Sending a Quick Email

There are times when you don’t need to send a personal email or a template email, but perhaps you just need to send a quick email correspondence on behalf of your ministry.  This is where “Quick Emails” are beneficial.  Unlike email clients like Outlook that have a 300 email address limit per email, quick emails can go out to all the contacts you select whether it be 100 or 1,000.

Select “Send Quick E-Mail” from the actions pull down menu. These emails can be sent in the name of either the sender or organization, depending on how you designate it. Simply fill out the information needed, as you see below, and attach any files (See Cloud Storage for Your Ministry) and you’re on your way.

That’s a brief overview of the 3 ways you can send email correspondence to all the people in your ministry.

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Cloud storage for your ministry

Does your ministry have important docs that are often needed? You can upload a variety of files to MaxPro and keep them handy. Perhaps your organization has registration forms or waivers that need to be filled out. Well just keep them on hand and have access to them anytime and anywhere.

Here’s how …

Under the tools tab at the top of each menu you will select “Files”

Then select “Add New File” from the Toolbar and upload the file.  What’s great is that MaxPro allows a variety of formats to be uploaded.  You can see exactly what type of formats in the picture below.  From this page you can also give the download a name, description, and designate where the download appears on your website.

You can manage these files in a couple other places within MaxPro.  First, you can manage which files appear on your website from the Manage Your Website view.

Second, you can choose which files get attached to outgoing emails sent from MaxPro.

This is just another way MaxPro can help you maximize your time and efficiency.

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Add photos to your contacts

Need to put a face with a name, well MaxPro can help you do that.  It’s so much easier learning names of those in your database if you can see their picture.  Here’s how you make that happen …

Go into your roster and find the individual you wish to upload a picture for.  Select the Edit icon under the action column.  You will see when you scroll down the Edit page a button that allows you to upload a picture.

You will be able to identify which contacts have pictures associated with them by the icon to the right of their name when you are scrolling through the roster. Put your cursor over the photo icon and up pops your contact’s image.

This photo will also appear in the Info Card associated with your contact.

Now you can easily begin to learn names and faces and be able to quickly recall everyone in your ministry, all from the MaxPro database.

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Add multiple people to groups in just a few clicks

Nearly every organization has a need to track different groups of people.  Well, MaxPro has made creating and adding people to groups simple and efficient.  Follow along …

Begin by going to Manage Your People.  From the menu you will first add the group you wish to create by going to Groups and then Group List.  Once you are at the Group List page you will select Add Group by clicking on the icon in the Toolbar.

Then fill out the pertinent information for the group you are creating and select “Add Group”.

We’ve created a group called “January Birthdays”, so now we will need to filter out all the names we want to add to that group.

Once we’ve filtered out the names we need, we select the box marked “Check/Uncheck All” and we will select the action “Add to Group”.

You will see the names that will be added to the group and from this screen you select the group type and name you designated and when you are finished just select “Add to Group”.

There you have it.  In a few simple steps you can add many people to a group that your organization can keep track of.

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Make Event Registration easy, follow these steps …

Everyone loves events.  Big or small they are always a blast.  A key feature in MaxPro is the ability to create Event Registration that will seamlessly integrate into your website or be sent as a link in an email.

Here’s how to create a simple online registration form for your next event …

Begin by going into your event calendar and selecting Add Event on the day your event will take place.

Next build your event details, all the fun stuff people need to know about your event – type of event, time, location, date, etc.

(click to enlarge)

Now you will be taken to a page where you will actually build your registration.  Here you will be able to add instructions that are important for registrants to know. You will also be able to list email addresses that finalized registrations get sent to so you can be fully aware of who has registered at all time.

(click to enlarge)

Once you click the Next button you will set up your actual registration.  How you set up and gather information is exactly as you do it for surveys.  For a refresher check out the post Using surveys for more than … surveys.

After your event registration is built you will see that your event is highlighted in yellow on your ministry calendar.  If you hover over the wheel icon on the event day you will see that you can copy the link for the event into an email and that can be sent out to a large group of people in an email blast if needed.

The registration will also automatically appear in the calendar on your website, so your event will always be easy to find and register for.

There it is.  In as little as 10 minutes you can create an easy to use electronic registration form that is simple to set up and view.

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October is Referral Month!

To make this referral program even easier, all we are asking you to do is pass along the contact information for the individual or organization you would like to refer. Simply send us their name, phone number, and email. We will then send them an invitation to be a part of our weekly webinars and if they happen to sign up for MaxPro, then you get the referral – it’s that easy!

So pass along your referrals by submitting them to

Check us out at

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UPDATE: Texting problem fixed

We started receiving some complaints about a week ago where some users would receive a text message multiple times. At first, we believed this was an issue with cell phone carriers, but upon further investigation, we found that this was an issue having to do with our texting hardware. We contacted the manufacturer and have now found and fixed the issue. We apologize for any inconvenience. The issue is now fully resolved, and text messages will now be sent only once.

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Highlighting the New Gift Recording System: Batches [Video]

We have updated and improved our system for recording gifts given to your organization by organizing gifts according to batches. Check out this quick tutorial which gives you a brief overview of how batches work.

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