What all is included with my $49 non-profit subscription? Why is MaxPro only $49?
You get all the features. There is no upselling. Everything that Max offers is what you get in a subscription. To learn about all these features, click here. MaxPro is only $49 because it is consistent with our desire to bless people. You will soon find out you get so much more than what you are paying for with this product.

Are there any hidden fees?
Absolutely none, and we proudly stand behind that. 

I already have a domain name. Can I use my domain name with MaxPro? 
Yes, you can point your domain name to MaxPro, and we will become your web host. We do not offer a full-featured web hosting package (unlimited disk space and bandwidth, etc.), but we do offer you a customizable website with unlimited pages and a limited number of additional features (like e-mail addresses Our vision is not to become a web hosting company, but rather to give you an option to easily manage your website, while still using your domain name.

How long does it take to update my website?
You can update your website in real time. So as long as it takes you to type in your content or upload a picture, your website can be updated. In other words, it's very user-friendly and simple to update on your own.

How do I import my information and are there any costs associated with it?
Importing your info is as easy as getting your current information into a Microsoft excel document and formatting that excel sheet to line up with our import guidelines. Those guidelines are clearly outlined in MaxPro. Again consistent with our desire to be a blessing, there is no fee outside of your normal subscription for importing records.

Tell me more about texting.

Is there a limit to how many I can send? NO
Is texting included with my subscription? YES
How does the recipient know the text is from me? With your subscription, your organization will get to choose a key word. In addition, everyone who has access to your chapter will have a key word that is unique to them. So when a text is sent, the key word that identifies who the text comes from will appear on the screen.

I'm not comfortable with having my data online - how do I know that it is secure? And is my data backed up?

• We provide bank-level security through a high-grade 256-bit encrypted SSL certificate. This is the industry standard in securing a web connection.
• Our web server, and therefore your data, is managed by a professional data center solution company. The facility is staffed 24x7x365 and maintains SAS 70 Type II compliance every year.
• Your data is only as secure as your password that you use to enter the system. Always ensure your passwords are secure. (
• All MaxPro data is backed up every night, and each night's backed up data will be retained for up to 14 days.