When MaxPro was developed, three main principles were kept in mind. We believe it's these principles that make our product stand out amongst our competitors and keep our customer-base growing and satisfied. 


Unlike many of our competitors, MaxPro was built with the goal of keeping the program simple and user-friendly. We don't have too many "bells and whistles" that you'll never use. Instead, we offer a ministry-management product that has everything you need in one location, but that's simple to navigate and use in real time.  

Being "ministry-people," we believe we have a good understanding of what ministry needs are. We have years of combined experience in youth, church, parachurch, and camp ministries. These experiences have allowed us to build a product that is relevant to your ministry needs.  

While our strategy may be unconventional, our desire with MaxPro is to be a blessing to our clients. We want this product to not just assist with administrative tasks, but truly bless all those who use it with its price point. As a non-profit organization, we are able to offer this product at an incredibly low price, only $49/month. We believe that you will be getting MORE than you pay for, and if that blesses you, then it blesses us.  

For for-profit organziations, we are able to offer our business class product for a great price, only $99/month. The business class solution offers more of everything great about MaxPro, including additional users, database, storage and email blasts.  We believe you also will be getting MORE than you pay for, and if it blesses you as well, then it blesses us.